20 Jahre Handglockenmusik für Frieden und Verständigung in Caputh
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Scheduled Events:

A Summer Evening Concert

16th of July 2016, 5pm, in the church of Caputh

You may lean back in the picturesque, well-tempered Church of Caputh and listen to tunes of bells, chimes and further instruments.

Christmas Eve Concert

24th of December 2016, 10pm, in the Church of Caputh

A concert of traditional and new sounds in a quite atmosphere of candlelight and Christmas Tree. The Peace Bell Choir, the Chimes Choir and instrumentalists play a soundtrack for the outro of the Christmas Eve celebrations.


We wish and we were asked to build musical bridges. Curiosity, tolerance, trying to listen and harmony are our driving force. We just play music with magnificent instruments, given to us, and just playing music means more to us.


Email: Chor{ät}Handglocken-Caputh{Pkt}de
Direction: Andra Sauerborn
Telephone: 033209 20366
Communication & Organisation: Henrike Schulz
Telephone: 033209 72116

We practise:

every Friday
7:30pm to ∼21:30 Uhr
in our Parish House in Caputh.

We are always happy to welcome visitors & persons interested in ringing & cooperation. In order to learn to ring hand bells it is not necessary to be able to play other instruments.